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MARLBORO, VT— (February 11, 2008) — Marlboro College hosts For Instants, a new exhibit by photographer Larry Danque, in the Drury Gallery from February 17 through March 14.

For Instants combines new and old photographic technologies, merging the simplicity of an instant film process with modern scanning and inkjet printing techniques. Danque's images explore light and the way light plays with subject.

"The immediacy of the process gives me time to contemplate the images as I shoot," says Danque. "It is a return to the less technical roots of my photography, a time when what I am photographing is more important than all the details of how I am photographing."danque

Danque is the studio manager for Cone Editions Press, where he works with computers, printers, scanners and other advanced technology on a daily basis. He is deeply involved in the progression of black and white and color inkjet photography, and says his goal with this project was to step back from the complex technology in which he is immersed and to utilize a simpler process to create a photograph.

Entry to the Drury Gallery is free and open to the public. Exhibit hours are 1:00-5:00 p.m., Sunday through Friday.

For more information, please contact the Marlboro College Public Relations office at 802-251-7644 or

Celebrating 60 years, Marlboro College offers undergraduate education in the liberal arts and, since 1997, graduate study focused on Internet technologies. Its 330 undergraduate students enjoy an 8:1 student-faculty ratio, a voice in governing the community and individualized courses of study on a 350-acre campus in the hills of southern Vermont.


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