Upcoming Events

Outside Manhattan: John Dewey’s Case for Intensive Learning and Cultural Cinema

Marlboro "On the Road" returns to New York for this exciting event, featuring a panel discussion with film professor Jay Craven and alumni Jesse Nesser and Amanda Wilder.

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Approaching the Elephant

Film screening and discussion featuring Marlboro alumna and director Amanda Wilder and film professor and producer Jay Craven.

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Nature, Nurture, Culture, Chance

Alumna and artist Michelle Holzapfel talks about her work, exhibited in Drury Gallery with the work of David Holzapfel from January 20 through February 13.

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Zap Mama & Antibalas

Two exciting acts in contemporary Afro music together for the first time, part of a national tour brought to Vermont by Kingdom County Productions

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The Bamidele Dancers & Drummers

This talented and group presents music and performance from Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

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Winter Visit Day

Join us in February for a look at Marlboro's programs and Vermont's snow

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News & Past Events

Heath Quartet

Music for a Sunday Afternoon presents the Heath Quartet, April 6, playing a program of Beethoven, Bartók, and Mendelssohn.

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Ethiopia's Changing Coffee Agroecosystems

  • Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 7:30pmAppletree

Getachew Tadesse Eshete discusses intertwining biophysical and socio-economic factors in the biodiverse region of southwest Ethiopia.

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The Syrian Dilemma

Urban sociaology scholar Yassir Munif will discuss global powers, radical islam, and the invisible revolution in Syria

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Music for a Sunday Afternoon

Pianist Renana Gutman and violinist Yoojin Jang present a program of Corigliano, Szymanowski, and Beethoven's Violin Sonata No. 10 in G major.

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Fling (Swish) Tumble → Sail

Senior Hannah Ruth Brothers presents a series of works she choreographed as part of her Plan of Concentration.

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