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Offices Appeals for Unusual or Special Circumstances

Marlboro College does consider unusual circumstances when a student or family’s financial situation has changed since filing the FAFSA or special circumstances such as the loss of a dependent parent’s job, unexpected long term illnesses, disasters, etcetera. Once a student is awarded their aid package is not reconsidered unless there is an unusual or special circumstance. All information is required by regulation to be submitted in writing.

Special circumstances may be submitted by letter. If additional information is needed, such as the college’s income and asset update appeal form, tax returns, etcetera we will notify you.

If the student’s or family’s financial situation has changed, print the appropriate dependent or independent income and asset update appeal form located in our forms section. Once the form has been completed, return it with a copy of your 2011 federal tax returns including all schedules, forms and W-2’s along with a letter detailing your particular circumstances to the financial aid office. Dependent students who did not file a federal tax return should indicate ‘did not file’ on the form.

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