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Resources E-Mail Set-up & Configuration

Marlboro users can use either our traditional mail infrastructure and webmail service or our Google Apps mail interface. For more information about our Google Apps account please read our Transitioning to Google Apps document.

Mail Access

Marlboro provides web based access to our traditional mail infrastructure through Webmail. All Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni can access this system by using a Marlboro username and password.

Access to Marlboro's Google Apps Mail is available at:

Marlboro also provides IMAP access through mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Mail.

Mail Client Settings (IMAP)

For Google Apps Mail, please see Google's Documentation.

To access Marlboro's traditional mail via IMAP, use the following settings and refer to the manual of your specific email program for further information:

Forwarding Mail

You can set your traditional Marlboro email to forward using Webmail.

Google Apps Mail can be forwarded using these instructions.


We've complied a document we're calling Spam and You that outlines how we handle SPAM on our traditional mail infrastructure.

Vacation Messages

Vacation messages for traditional mail are managed within Webmail. Here's how to enable or disable your vacation message.

Google Apps Mail vacation messages can be set using these instructions.


Autocomplete Addresses

By default Marlboro's traditional Webmail only attempts to autocomplete addresses using the Marlboro Directory, but you can tell it to use your personal address book by following these instructions.



Marlboro's traditional mail allows attachments up to 10 MB in size. (The restriction is 2 MB when using Webmail). If you need to send someone a file larger than 10 MB, you can copy the file to your "html" web directory on akbar. Then email the web link to the person to use. For information on how to use the "html" web directory see the "Uploading Your Web Site" tutorial.

Google Apps Mail can handle larger attachments as outlined in this document.

I brought my computer home for vacation and I can't send email any more. I get a message that say's something about Relaying denied.

Some Internet service providers block access to all servers that send mail but their own. You will need to reconfigure your mail client to use your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) SMTP server. Your ISP should be able to give you this information or it may be posted on their website. Typically it is something like: Users of Webmail are not effected by this. You can send and recieve email through Webmail from any Internet connected computer.

Email Address Directory

Our LDAP provides directory information such as email address and campus phone number. You can configure your email client to search the directory by name if you like, or you can search the directory via the web.

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