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Google Mail Instructions

All new accounts are given email that is hosted on Google Apps.  You can still forward this anywhere you'd like using these instructions.

Webmail Instructions

There are times when it makes sense to forward your email from your Marlboro account to another account. The most common reason to forward messages is to consolidate email accounts so that you only have to check one account to get all of your email. Forwarding your mail also means you can give out your Marlboro address and not worry about checking it explicitly because all messages will end up in your chosen account.

Setting up a mail forward is much like giving a forwarding address to the US Post Office. We'll pass any mail that comes to your address on to the email address you choose.

How to Forward Mail

  1. Login to Webmail
  2. Click on the Filters & Vacation menu.
    Horde Menu
  3. Click on the word Forward and enter the email address you would like to forward mail to in the box.
  4. Click Save and Enable

All mail will now be delivered to your other account

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