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  1. Download Cyberduck from their website.
    1. If you use Safari, the .dmg may mount automatically and you will see a window open with the Cyberduck application and other files. Otherwise, browse to where the .dmg file was saved and double-click to mount and open.
    2. Drag the Cyberduck application from the image to your Applications folder. There are other files included in the download that you may want to copy over as well, but you only need the one Cyberduck application to run the program.
  2. Open the Applications directory and double-click Cyberduck to run.

    You will need to configure Cyberduck to connect to Akbar. Locate the Bookmarks tab on the left and click on the plus icon ( + ) in the lower left.
  3. When the Bookmark window opens, fill in the proper info as shown:
    • Nickname: Use an appropriately identifying name like Marlboro
    • Server:
    • Username: Your Marlboro username.
    • Protocol: SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer)

    Click the red X in the upper left corner to save the settings and close the window.

  4. The Bookmark you just created will appear in the Bookmark pane on the left. Double-click on it to connect.

    The first time you connect you will probably see an "Unknown host key" window - click Always to keep this window from appearing again.

  5. You will see a window with the unsettling message "Login failed". Do not be disturbed, just enter your Marlboro password and click the Login button.

  6. Once you are logged in, you will see the contents of your Akbar directory listed. You can now drag files from Cyberduck to folders on your Mac and vise versa to copy files back and forth.

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