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  1. Download the Filezilla setup file from its website.
  2. Install Filezilla by double clicking on the downloaded setup file and following the on-screen instructions. The default setup options are fine for most users. Once it is installed start Filezilla by going to
  3. First, Filezilla must be configured to connect to Akbar. To do this, go to the File menu and select Site Manager
  4. When the Site Manager window opens, click on the New Site button, give it an appropriately identifying name such as "Marlboro", and fill in the proper info as shown:
    • Host:
    • Servertype: SFTP using SSH2
    • Logontype: Normal
    • User and Password: Your Marlboro username and password.

      Note: For security, if you are using a computer that other people also use you may want to check the "Don't save password" box. Filezilla will then prompt you for a password each time you reconnect to Akbar.

    Click the Save and Exit button to save the settings.

  5. To connect to Akbar, click on the small triangle next to the leftmost icon on the toolbar, and select Marlboro (or whichever name you chose above)
  6. Depending on your Windows XP setup, the following dialog may pop up. In this case, verify that the name of the program being blocked is "Filezilla" as shown in the screenshot below, and click [Unblock].

    You may be warned that the host's key is not in your cache. Go ahead and press yes.

  7. Filezilla will change to look similar to the screenshot below. It's a bit crowded, so you should take a few minutes to get comfortable with the layout.

    The window is divided vertically into 3 panes. The middle pane is further divided in half. On the left is your computer, and on the right is Akbar--the remote server.

    To copy files back and forth, just browse to where the files are located and drag them from your computer to the server or vice versa.

    While a file is being transferred to or from your computer a message will appear in the bottom Filezilla pane, the "Queue", showing the progress of the file transfer.

For more information see the Filezilla website.

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