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ResourcesNetwork Printing via IPP under Windows 98

This document explains how to configure your Windows 98 PC to print to the heavy-duty laser printer in the Library computer lab (liblab), or alternately, the laser printer in the Science building lab (scilab). Example screens will show the Library lab printer setup; Science lab setup screens will be only slightly different.


1. Download and Install Internet Printing drivers for Windows 98

As of Summer 2002, Marlboro's lab printers are set up use only the Internet Printing Protocol. Because Windows 98 does not include the ability to use this protocol, you must install Internet Printing drivers before you can set up the lab printers.

Click the icon below to download the Internet Printing drivers.

Download Printing Drivers

2. Once the file is downloaded, double click on it to install the driver files. When it asks you to restart, bookmark this page and click Yes.

3. Download and prepare the printer driver

The printer currently in use in the Library lab is an HP LaserJet 8150DN. Assuming you have no driver for it (Windows 98 does not come with drivers for the 8150), you need to download and prepare the driver files for installation. The same goes for the Science lab printer, which is an HP LaserJet 4100DTN.

Click the icon below to download the Windows 2000 driver for the appropriate printer...

For the Library lab:

Or, for the Science lab:

4. Once the file is downloaded, double click on it to unpack the driver files. You will see a window like the one below. In the field that says "Unzip To Folder," type


Then click Unzip.

5. A window like this will pop up. Click OK, then click Close to exit the unzip program.

6. Open up your Printers folder

You can find the Printers folder in the Control Panel within My Computer.

7. Click the Add Printer icon.

8. Click the Next button to continue.

9. Select Network printer and click Next to continue.

7. In the Network path or queue name: field, enter the following to connect to the Library lab printer:

Or, for the Science lab printer:

Again, click Next.

9. Remember that you unzipped the printer driver to c:\temp, and click Have Disk...

10. In the Copy manufacturer's files from: field, type c:\temp so that the driver files you unzipped earlier can be copied into the system. Then click OK.

11. If everyhing has gone well, there will be only one printer to select (the correct one). Select it and click OK. The computer will then copy the driver files to its system.

12. Windows will ask you to name the printer. You can use something like "Hal" or "Bob," but we suggest you use something more descriptive. Also, If you have your own printer and want to choose when you want to print to the Library, select No so that it is not the default printer. Then click Next.

13. Now you will be asked whether you'd like to print a test page. Unless you really feel like blowing a piece of paper and walking to the library to personally place it in the recycle bin, we suggest you select No. You probably have something more appropriate to test the printer with, like your paper due tomorrow. Click Finish, and the printer driver will be installed.

14. When everything is finished, the new printer will appear alongside any others you have in the Printers control panel. Your default printer will appear with a check-mark in the top left corner. If you need to change the default, right-click the printer you want and select Set as Default.

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