The Vermont state motto, “freedom and unity,” captures the spirit of what it’s like to live in the green mountain state. Known for its open-minded attitude, independent shops and businesses, and sprawling natural landscape, Vermont is the kind of place where you can live and let live. It’s also the kind of place where you know your neighbors, where small-town events like harvest festivals draw big crowds, and where grassroots organizing is alive and well.

Marlboro College is located in southern Vermont, 90 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut (the nearest airport), two-and-a-half hours from Boston and four hours from Montreal and New York City. The campus is tucked into Vermont's scenic hills in the small town of Marlboro, 10 miles from the vibrant community of Brattleboro, rated one of the “100 best art towns in America,” according to the book by the same name. Marlboro's location provides the best of southern Vermont in terms of accessibility, local culture, and solitude.

Vermont offers students many opportunities for enjoying the rural flavor of New England throughout the year. Winter in Vermont means snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and sledding, while spring brings maple sugaring, wildflower walks, and whitewater rafting. In the summer there are swimming holes, mountain biking trails, and more farmers' markets per capita than any other state. Autumn is time for pressing cider, local harvest fairs, gawking at the amazing fall foliage, and visiting Vermont's more than 100 covered bridges.

From an intellectual perspective, Vermont provides rich fodder for student projects and other academic ventures. Marlboro graduate students work with organizations throughout the state as part of their capstone projects and practicum-based learning. Marlboro also participates in regional initiatives, such as Benchmarks for a Better Vermont and the Slow Living Summit, and networks such as the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges—all of which broaden students’ exposure to learning and career opportunities.