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Marlboro College provides independent thinkers with
exceptional opportunities to broaden their intellectual horizons, benefit from a small and close-knit learning community, establish a strong foundation for personal and career fulfillment, and make a positive difference in the world.

Students join in a class discussion during a writing class.The goal of the undergraduate program at Marlboro College is to teach students to think clearly and to learn independently through engagement in a structured program of liberal studies. Students are expected to develop a command of concise and correct English and to strive for academic excellence informed by intellectual and artistic creativity; they are encouraged to acquire a passion for learning, discerning judgment and a global perspective. The college promotes independence by requiring students to participate in the planning of their own programs of study and to act responsibly within a self-governing community.

Graduate and Professional Studies

The mission of Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies program is to offer responsive, innovative education of the highest standard in professional studies in the topic areas of management, technology, and teaching. The educational practice of the graduate program fosters the development of critical thinking, articulate presentation, coherent concepts and arguments, superior writing skills, and the ability to apply creative, sustainable solutions to real world problems.


As an expression of our promise to foster the ability to live, work and communicate with a wide range of individuals, Marlboro College works to build and sustain a diverse learning community where all members are valued and respected. We firmly believe in the importance of recruiting and retaining a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff, and creating a climate that is supportive of their success. These efforts require continuous work against forms of oppression that cause injury and render people invisible. To this end, we strive to create a curriculum, provide resources and access, and foster a campus climate that enables people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences to thrive.

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was created in 2016 to better understand the meaning of diversity and inclusion on our campus and to develop a set of recommendations to help guide the college in becoming a more diverse and inclusive institution. 

Environmental Leadership

Marlboro College, in advancing its mission, acknowledges and celebrates the inherent connections between the educational work we do and the places where we do that work—on campus and in our local and global communities.

Recognizing its role and responsibility as an environmental leader, Marlboro College commits to limiting its environmental footprint by using energy efficiently and resources wisely.

We, its resident and affiliate members, shall foster among ourselves a sense of stewardship for the natural resources on which we depend and educate ourselves and others about the opportunities and obligations we share as citizens of a sustainable world.


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