Greetings on behalf of students

Logan Davis '17, head selectperson

I was fairly new in my role as head selectperson when whispers of someone named “Kevin Quigley” started to be passed around. I didn't concern myself with what seemed to be faint rumors at the time, I had a trustee meeting to prepare for. A few days after those first rumors, I got a copy of the trustee meeting agenda and one the first items read something like “Appointment of Presidential Candidate: Kevin F. F. Quigley.” Okay, I thought, maybe I should actually figure out who this guy is. So I did some research to figure out what Kevin had worked on before considering Marlboro College: numerous Woodrow Wilson Fellowships, past memberships on boards ranging from Swarthmore to the Institute for Sustainable Communities, president and CEO National Peace Corps Association, and—most recently—director of Peace Corps operations in Thailand. This is only a sample of what I found.

At the time, as I am now, the first thing that came to mind after reading a little bit of Kevin's back story was “is this change still in line with Marlboro?” Kevin's history was and still is impressive, but Marlboro lives by it's ideals. It will either reject something that endangers it's tradition, or it will cease to be itself: it will cease to be Marlboro. I spent some time thinking about this question; I talked to community members and peers; I continued some amount of research; and I attended some of the talks Kevin was giving on campus. What I heard, overwhelmingly, was excitement at the prospect of his presence. A few days before the trustees were to meet, it all clicked, I had the answer to my question: yes, Kevin would fit perfectly.

Despite these rolls where Kevin would be organizing hundreds of thousands more people than went to Marlboro and teaching at colleges that still refer to their classes by catalog identification, I do think he is as much of a fit for this community as student, faculty, or staff member here today. His previous careers might not seem to perfectly translate to our community, yes, but it's whats at the core of these roles that will bridge the gap.

Kevin, has shown—by the work of his past and his interactions in the present—what these Marlboro-common values are very clearly: a love of both learning and teaching; an emphasis on international viewpoints and culture; a mind towards sustainability in all aspects; and a heavy focus on community. After coming to this realization, I was thrilled when Kevin was officially appointed and the efforts he has made in this community already show that my excitement wasn't in vein. Already, mere month's into Kevin's stay here on "the hill," we have seen increased student, faculty, and staff recognition and representation in various forums; addressing to campus safety; and renewed efforts in the revitalization of residential life with help from the dean of students (Ariel), the director of housing (Sara Jane), and others. I cannot express the thanks I wish to extend to Kevin and those involved in these improvements, and I cannot wait to hear what efforts shall be accomplished from now until far after my time here has passed.

Now, before I finish up, I wish to give not only Kevin, but anyone new to "the hill," a small piece of advice. Marlboro is a living breathing community and because of this it works in some pretty marvelous ways. The mechanic I will impart upon you today is this: much like your own body, Marlboro can only put out the energy is receives. A disengaged community makes for a disengaged Marlboro. Put thought into what you want to see this community be, rally those around you for what you want to change, and celebrate that which you love as it is. Kevin, I, on behalf of the student body would like to welcome you to Marlboro.