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Proposed merger with University of Bridgeport stands to put Marlboro’s self-directed liberal arts education in new context.

In July 2018, Marlboro College signed a Letter of Intent as the first step of plans towards merging with the University of Bridgeport. This was the result of a yearlong effort to find a partnership that will maintain Marlboro’s mission and curricular priorities while creating a financially secure future. This unique partnership aims to maintain Marlboro’s intimate, self-directed liberal arts education within the context of Bridgeport’s STEM focus and extensive professional studies programs. The planned merger would retain Marlboro’s faculty, students, and campus as part of the new Marlboro College of Arts and Sciences within the University of Bridgeport, while significantly increasing educational opportunities for students on both campuses.

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Marlboro College and University of Bridgeport have many contrasting attributes that may provide a...


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