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The Marlboro Promise

No matter what you study at Marlboro,
you’ll learn the skills you need for success,
however you choose to define it.

One third of college graduates are going to end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet. How do you prepare for a career that hasn’t even been invented? By learning the skills you’ll need for any career.

The Marlboro Promise is a guarantee we make to all Marlboro College students: by the time you leave Marlboro, you’ll have mastered three transferrable skills that are directly correlated with success.

And it’s not just about career success. If you take a different path after college—into a graduate program, for example, or to pursue a creative practice—these are skills you’ll need there too.

  1. You will learn to write and communicate with clarity and precision.

    Whether you become a coder or a biologist or a graphic designer, you’ll need to be able to present your ideas in writing, to your colleagues or to the public.

    And the better you are at expressing yourself in words, the more likely you are to get a great job—whether that’s because of a great cover letter or a thoughtfully curated social media presence.

  2. You will learn to live, work, and collaborate with a wide range of people.

    Every company on earth needs leaders with the skills to bring people together—to collaborate with a diverse community and find solutions that benefit everyone. The ability to work with a wide variety of people is more important than ever.

    That’s why community governance is baked into every aspect of Marlboro life. And our faculty bring principles of collaboration and civic engagement into almost every Marlboro class, from dance to politics to environmental science.

  3. You will learn to lead ambitious projects from idea to execution.

    Anyone can have an idea. But it requires real skill to take that idea—for a book, or an artwork, or an app, or a company—and make it a reality.

    In your last year at Marlboro you’ll create a Plan of Concentration, based on the biggest idea you’ve ever had. You’ll bring it to life under the guidance of faculty mentors who will help you shape and focus it without telling you what to do or how to do it.

Marlboro faculty work with students to express themselves clearly, a key skill in any career.Marlboro faculty work with students to express themselves clearly, a key skill in any career.


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