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Career & Experiential Learning

Marlboro College is located on a hill in the woods of Vermont. But you’ll get your Marlboro education in other places too—in a cornfield, or a corporate office, or a boat, or in another country.

Experiential learning—learning by experience—is at the core of our educational model. By taking part in the opportunities Marlboro provides, you’ll have the chance to test out your ideas in other settings and environments, and to get some hands-on experience in areas that might interest you after graduation.

At Marlboro, we use principles of design thinking to guide you toward work and volunteer experiences that amplify your academic interests. What is design thinking? It basically means experimenting by using your imagination, logic, and empathy to solve a problem by creating something new.

A path that’s all your own.

In planning for your future, our Center for Experiential Learning and Global Engagement can help you find opportunities that match your needs, whether that’s coding software, operating wind turbines, or doing the lighting on an indie film. Maybe you’ll get a summer gig designing tiny houses. Or spend a semester studying soil health in the Deep South.

Your experiences will be as individual as you are, while drawing on all of Marlboro’s available resources: career development tools, student research grants, chances for off-campus study, and connections with Marlboro alumni who share your enthusiasm for meaningful work.

Cedar van Tassel works on his internship on a farm in Maine.


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)