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Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL)

Marlboro belongs to the CIEL Consortium, consisting of twelve institutions.  Members of CIEL share an institutional-level commitment to progressive educational practices in the Deweyian tradition. While most colleges and universities have innovative programs, often on the margins of traditional practices, CIEL schools put innovation and experimentation at the core of their mission, organization, and everyday work.

Marlboro students are eligible to apply for a one or two semester exchange to the other CIEL institutions.  Please contact Sirkka Kauffman email for information on applying for an exchange.  Current CIEL members are:

Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC)

As a Marlboro student, you have access to 13 other private undergraduate institutions in the state through a semester exchange program spearheaded by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC).  The AVIC Semester Exchange Program allows you to experience a different educational environment without leaving the country or facing a language barrier and still graduate on time from your home institution. To be eligible, you must normally be at least a junior and a full-time student in good academic standing. Please contact Tobias Gelston email for information on applying for an exchange.  Colleges currently participating in the exchange program are:

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