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Academics Jennifer Butler - Classics Fellow

Marlboro welcomes Jenni Butler as Marlboro's 33rd Classics Fellow. Jenni graduated from Somerville College at Oxford in 2013. She has special interests in later republican/early imperial Latin literature and ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plato. Jenni is a lover of the outdoors, and expects to participate fully in the academic, sporting and musical spheres of our community. She has traveled widely on four continents and is comfortable with moving to a new environment and the challenges that it may bring.

Teaching Philosophy

Jenni has always been interested in an academic career and enjoys teaching immensely. She says that "Marlboro's approach to academic diversity and independence is one with which I can identify, since I have benefited hugely at Oxford from the range of options available to students of classics and have found much enjoyment in expanding my area of study into, for example, both modern and ancient philosophy." Jenni is looking forward to teaching both the ancient languages as well as courses of her own design. Those could include a study of Roman elegy, considering how the ancient elegists responded to each other and to the politics of the period in which they were writing, and a course on Plato and his philosophy.

B.A., University of Oxford, 2013; Marlboro College, 2013 -

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