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Louis has current research interests focusing on random matrices and compressed sensing, but he has also worked on integral geometry and convex geometry.  In addition he has experience with mathematical modeling.

Teaching Philosophy

Louis noted that he finds "great satisfaction while seeing students grasping new mathematical concepts and applying their mathematical knowledge to solve problems."  In addition to serving as a tutor for individual students, he has teaching experience in the classroom where he helps students solve problems, understand mathematical definitions and concepts, and apply formulas.  Louis likes to give interesting examples to motivate students and sometimes show geometric intuitions to them because of his own background in geometry.  "In this way," he states, "I am able to help my students to acquire a deeper understanding of mathematics and develop abilities to apply mathematical knowledge skilfully."

B.S., Guangzhou University, 2003; M.S., Sun-Yat Sen University, 2006; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2010; Marlboro College 2010 -

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