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Research Interests

Etan is both a composer and ethnomusicologist.  His teachers in composition included John Eaton, Shulamit Ran, Ralph Shapey, and Lew Spratlan; he studied ethnomusicology at Chicago with Philip Bohlman.  As an ethnomusicologist, he is interested in ethnomusicological approaches to Western art music, Urban Ethnomusicology, and Central Javanese Gamelan, and is interested in particular in the ways in which minority identities are situated within dominant discourse.  He served on the Board of Directors of Chicago’s Friends of the Gamelan between the years 1989-1993.  Nasreddin-Longo has also served as a panelist on the Ethnic and Folk Arts panel of the Illinois Arts Council.

Recent Publications and Compositions

Etan's article “Selfhood, Self-Identity, Complexion and Complication:  The Contexts of a Song-Cycle by Olly Wilson” appeared in 1995 in the Journal of Black Music Research.  Several of his compositions for solo flute and solo piano have been performed by the Contemporary Chamber Players, then under the direction of Ralph Shapey, and X-Tet performed his Canzonetta for the Beloved for viola, mezzo-soprano, and harpsichord.

Between the years 1995-2003, Etan was an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of California, Riverside, and taught a variety of courses in both ethnomusicology and composition.  Recent compositions include a five-movement symphony for large orchestra, and a Suite for Percussion and Diverse Instruments.  In May of 2009 he completed a Sinfonia for Mallet Instruments, Piano, and Orchestra, and is currently revising a work first written in 1994 for two violas, two celli, double bass, harp and mezzo-soprano.

B.A., Amherst College; Ph.D., University of Chicago; Marlboro College 2009 -


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