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“Anthropologists attempt to understand social problems from the bottom up,” says Rebekah Park. “That’s why I became an anthropologist, because I wanted to have the tools to do social research at that level of social analysis.” Rebekah works at the intersections of critical medical anthropology, transitional justice, human rights, and applied anthropology. In addition to her doctorate in anthropology, she has a master's in applied medical anthropology that she earned while a Fulbright scholar to the Netherlands. 

Teaching Philosophy

Rebekah focuses on how anthropology can be used to think about the human experience in the widest sense, helping students to grow as thinkers, writers, and global citizens. “I believe students should not only know how to apply ethnographic knowledge, but also know how to live among those who think, act, and believe differently from them,” she says. One of her goals is to teach students the difference between cultural critique and personal judgment. She also views her role as giving structure to the multiple interests student bring to their studies by teaching them how to construct a sound and ethical research project.

Scholarly Activities

Rebekah’s research has focused on evaluating the success of Argentina’s transitional justice movement from the perspective of former political prisoners, and how memory projects are integral to political identity formation. Her book The Reappeared: Argentine Former Political Prisoners focuses on the long-term impacts of violence on survivors of state terrorism. She has also co-edited a volume on the application of medical anthropology in international health, Doing and Living Medical Anthropology: Personal Reflections (AMB Publishers). Her next book will focus on the social reintegration of returning U.S. veterans. Rebekah has won several fellowships including: Congressional Bill Emerson Hunger Fellowship, Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, Pacific Rim Research Program for Dissertation Field Research, and NSF-funded U.C. Diversity in Graduate Studies Grants. She currently serves on the Committee for Human Rights of the American Anthropological Association.

Selected Publications

B.A., Northwestern University, 2002; M.A., University of Amsterdam, 2003; Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2012; Marlboro College 2013 -

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