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Academics Julie Rana - Mathematics Fellow

Julie Rana '06 is excited to return to Marlboro as a mathematics fellow, along with her husband (also a 2006 graduate of Marlboro) and family. She notes that her familiarity with the challenges and responsibilities of the position began when she was a student here and served as a math tutor. One of her projects was to organize and update the modules for Topics in Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. She is excited about the prospect of completing this project, and "even more so about the opportunity to actually teach these topics to individuals and groups."

Teaching Philosophy

One of the most unique aspects of Marlboro is the close student-faculty relationships, with faculty not only being great teachers but outstanding mentors as well. Julie suggests that she will be an outstanding mentor because she is "enthusiastic, personable, adaptable, inquisitive, and excited to learn and grow with the students." Many of these characteristics come from over 10 years of experience tutoring students of all levels and interests. Julie loves to challenge herself by teaching and tutoring topics that push the boundaries of her mathematical knowledge.

Julie knows that Marlboro has an exceptionally tight-knit community and students turn to their peers for academic as well as emotional support. But she notes that "math students sometimes have difficulty truly connecting with peers on an intellectual leval. Such academic discussions are valuable not only because they are enjoyable, but also because they deepen one's understanding of mathematics." Julie believes that the best way to overcome this obstacle is to encourage students to attend math conferences and seminars in the region.

Scholarly Activities

Selected Presentations

B.S., Marlboro College, 2006; M.S.; University of Massachusetts, 2011; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 2013; Marlboro College 2013 -

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