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Academics Valerie Voorheis – Economics, visiting professor

Valerie Voorheis returns to Marlboro as visiting professor of economics for 2007-08. Also a professor at the University of Massachussets, Amherst, Valerie teaches courses in such varied topics as introductory micro and macroeconomics, labor in the American economy, economics of race and environmental economics.  She has recently developed a new course on the origins of American industry that she will offer this year, which includes a novel way of teaching about technology and industry.  The course shows off her interdisciplinary foci, including historical and environmental perspectives on industry, and adds a global perspective to consider alternative economic structures in Japan, Italy and other countries.

Valerie realizes that teaching at Marlboro requires “a large degree of flexibility in terms of topic areas and faculty support,” and says that “getting back to the small classrooms and one-on-one teaching that happens at Marlboro is very appealing.”  She likes that Marlboro students force her to discover new topics and connections, some of which are the foundation of her new course about the origins of American industry.

B.A., Albion College, 1986; Advanced graduate study, University of Massachusetts, Amherst ; Marlboro College, 2000-2001, 2004-2005, 2007 –


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