Serious work in ceramics provides the opportunity for a unique conjunction of analytical thought and physical action. Acquired knowledge of materials, forming methods, and techniques are complemented by a study of historical and contemporary ceramics history and craft discourse. Students will be encouraged to apply this knowledge to the growing understanding of their critical and aesthetic sensibility. The essential enjoyment and satisfaction of making things is central to ceramic exploration.

Some areas of particular interest include functional ceramics, surface decoration, low temperature techniques, slip casting and mold-making, contemporary craft criticism and discourse, and modern design. There are many connections between the study of ceramics and work in other academic disciplines, and interdisciplinary Plans of Concentration are encouraged.Work

Areas of Interest for Plan-level Work:

  • Studio work in ceramics
  • History and literature of ceramics
  • Craft theory and criticism

Good Foundation for Plan

A student anticipating a Plan involving ceramics should consult with faculty members during the freshman or early sophomore year. Developing the necessary background for Plan work in ceramics while bringing writing up to Plan level, acquiring a breadth of knowledge in the liberal arts, and meeting the general requirements for Plan work in visual arts requires careful planning. Ceramics I, Wheel Throwing I, and an appropriate combination of intermediate courses are essential preparation for Plan work.

Sample Tutorial Topics

  • Methods for Multiples: Mold Technologies
  • Form and Content: Historical Surface and Design
  • 20th-Century Ceramics


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