Although students interested in writing generally study literature as well, they may consider a much broader use of the curriculum; everything is grist for the writer’s mill. Quite apart from the subject matter of such courses as anthropology, art history, biology or philosophy, the trained skills of observing clearly and articulating both differences and similarities among things observed are useful to anyone who writes. Study of the other arts can help develop one’s sense of artistic and aesthetic disciplines. Writers must know words and language and what has been done with them before, but it certainly helps to know, as well, something of politics or economics or the stars or how to chop a mortise with a chisel.

Areas of Interest for Plan-Level Work:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction 
  • Playwriting
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Memoir and Personal Essay
  • Science Writing 
  • Song Writing 
  • Literary Translation 
  • Interactive Literature 

Sample Tutorial Topics

  • Advanced Long-form Fiction Workshop
  • Female-Authored Memoir and Personal Essay
  • Life Writing in Poetry and Prose
  • Forms of Poetry 
  • Bossa Nova and Translation Theory


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