At Marlboro College we are committed to support language study for all of our students.

We offer Chinese and Spanish as core languages supported by regular faculty members. Since language is a means of communication, language study is intended to facilitate language proficiency and to contextualize and analyze issues relevant to the communities where those languages are spoken. In addition to these core languages, Marlboro offers French and Arabic supported by Fulbright fellows, and Greek and Latin supported by our Oxford Classics fellows.

Students interested in Less Commonly Taught Languages are supported by the Committee on Global Engagement in tandem with the International Studies office. 

At Marlboro we believe that the study of languages:

  • Develops and supports complex thinking, communication and analysis.
  • Opens students’ minds to interdisciplinary thought and views.
  • Opens avenues to culture, literature, philosophy and other subjects that are unavailable if only approached in English.
  • Prepares students for study abroad and the internship portion of the World Studies Program. 


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