Photography provides us with a means to explore the world and our existence within it. I continually strive to heighten my sensitivity in life, and when I photograph, I choose subject matter that is important to me. The photographs themselves, as with the process of seeing, must strike me on a personal level in order for me to appreciate an image. As Frederick Sommer liked to say, “It is not subject matter, but a subject that matters.”

I have always attempted to find a balance between aesthetic and communicative concerns. At times, I feel like a modernist in a postmodern world. When I consider myself a postmodernist, it’s due to my concern with the social and political implications an image presents from the conception through creation and on to the presentation’s final expression. When I consider myself a modernist, it’s because I am more invested in the metaphorical interpretations in each step of the process and the image that is ultimately created, and I am always searching to be moved by the image’s aesthetic beauty.

Areas of Interest for Plan-level Work:

  • Photography and its relationship to other areas of study through its various genres, techniques and theoretical approaches.

Sample Tutorial Topics

  • A Study in Portraiture Techniques
  • Advanced Darkroom Technique & Exhibition Preparation
  • Advanced Photographic Processes
  • Documentary Fieldwork Intensive
  • Independent Study of Landscape Photography
  • Photography: Controlling the Frame
  • Social Documentary Project
  • Web Design for the Visual Artist
  • 19th-Century Process Internship at Renaissance Press
  • Advanced Portfolio Creation
  • Advanced Studio Photography
  • Designing and Implementing a Cross Cultural Youth Class
  • Large Format Photography & The Zone System
  • A Sense of Place: A Documentary Photography Tutorial


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