Sociology courses focus on contemporary American society, inequality, social structure and social change, race, class, gender and sexuality, and social policy. Through the study of sociology, students will develop critical thinking, improve the clarity and quality of their communication, and acquire valuable research skills.


Many sociology students spend a semester internship in the Boston area working for non-profits on issues of housing, community development, and education. This transformative experience often contributes significant experience and insight to students’ Plan of Concentration.

Areas of Interest for Plan-level Work

  • Inequality and Stratification
  • Law and Society
  • Social Policy
  • Contemporary American Society
  • Popular Culture
  • Social Movements

Sample Tutorial Topics

  • Housing Policy
  • Poverty and the American Dream
  • American 21st Century Social Movements
  • Advanced Research Method
  • Sociological Theories of Sex/Gender
  • Education and School System


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)