Working with a faculty sponsor through practicums and lab work, students will participate in introductory and intermediate design, acting, and directing as preparation and practice for their final Plan projects. In many ways, the trajectory of the theater program mirrors the Plan process through a focus on elements of research, practice, writing, and independent projects. The senior theater project, or Plan as we call it at Marlboro College, affords an opportunity to turn your passion into a tangible product. For Plan, many Marlboro theater students write their own plays or radically adapt a classic, direct, design, or act in their Plan productions, and collaborate with student peers on their artistic projects. Some examples of imaginative and inspiring theater Plans can be viewed in the Virtual Plan Room.

As you progress from a first-year student to a senior, you will acquire foundational skills and develop the confidence that will allow you to pursue multiple paths within the fields of theater and performance, from ensemble work to stage management. See some images from productions over the past few years in the photo gallery.

Areas of Interest for Plan-level Work:

  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Contemporary Theater
  • Gender and Performance
  • Playwriting
  • Theater History
  • Performance Studies/Performance Art
  • Multicultural Theater and Performance
  • Theater and Social Practice


By the completion of four years of study, it is expected that theater students will have gained broad knowledge of the discipline by taking classes in each area (history/lit/theory, design/production, acting/directing) as well as classes and tutorials specific to their own research and production interests.

In general, to graduate with a degree field in theater all students will take:

  • two acting classes
  • two directing classes
  • one design class
  • one theater history class
  • one class in performance theory
  • one class in theater literature
  • and have worked crew for at least one production

Sample Tutorial Topics:

  • Embodiment and Performance
  • (Dis)Integrating Form: Constructing a Play
  • Contemporary Plays and Playwrights
  • Indigenous Performance Traditions and Practices
  • Theater and Violence
  • Jacobean Plays
  • Humor on Stage
  • Creativity and Imagination


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)