The visual arts at Marlboro are distinguished by a commitment to the idea that the study of form and expression in our various media leads not just to further work in the discipline, but also to ways of seeing and engaging with the world. In addition, we welcome all students who wish to work in the visual arts as part of other studies.

A complex set of experiences is encouraged in all students who concentrate in the visual arts. These include:

  • The study of drawing or other graphical medium
  • The study of art history and visual culture with emphasis on the direct experience of art works in museums and galleries
  • Significant work in more than one medium
  • A developed formal and critical vocabulary with which to discuss both their own work and the work of others
  • The completion of a substantial body of work that is presented in a final individual exhibition

Areas of Interest for Plan-level Work:

  • Psychology and the visual arts
  • Artistic pedagogy in the support of education
  • Mixed media sculpture
  • Architecture and landscape
  • Illustration

Good Foundation for Plan

A student considering a Plan in the visual arts should consult appropriate faculty members in the freshman or sophomore year for advice in planning a course of study.

We believe there are many doorways into the study of art so introductory classes in our various media can be taken in any sequence. Eventually students planning to concentrate must approach the following requirements.

Sample Tutorial Topics

  • Printmaking Techniques
  • Landscape and the Human Body
  • Etching Technique and Process
  • Five Artists Working with Technology
  • Consumer Culture in Sculpture
  • Completing the Farm and Greenhouse Design
  • Exposures: Teaching a Cross-cultural Youth Program
  • Ways of Being: Perceptions of Reality and Identity, Mixed Media and Works on Paper
  • Creation of a Multi-media Thesis Exhibition
  • Documentary Photography

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