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Artists at Marlboro create new work across a wide variety of visual, performing, and literary media.

In arts classes and tutorials, students develop the intellectual and aesthetic background to make deliberate artistic choices and understand their work in relation to larger conversations and movements.

To support the ambition of their visions and perspectives, students learn the technical skills to work in their chosen fields, from using a wood shop or a potter’s wheel, to writing music, developing a character for a play, or editing video. Working together as a creative community, faculty and students develop a shared language to talk about art’s meaning and impact.

From choreographing to composing, painting to performing, making is valued as a way of thinking and communicating at Marlboro College. Whether you take one class or many, combine arts with other academic interests, or collaborate across artistic media, the arts at Marlboro offer a space for exploration, collaboration, obsessive revision, communication, and the deep satisfaction of turning an idea into reality.

Each semester, dance students present their works-in-progress in a show titled “Dances in the R...


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