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Get a feel for the exciting variety of courses taught at Marlboro.

This is a list of courses that faculty felt was representational of the courses offered. It is not a complete list of courses, some courses are offered yearly, while others are infrequent. A course may be inspired by events or strong interests and taught only once.

Most advanced work is in the form of tutorials on specific subjects, a collaboration between one faculty member and one student or a handful of students.


Ceramics - Topics
(3.00 Credits — Multi-Level)

Fall 2013

The aim of this course is to decipher the unique language of the ceramic surface. Students will study clays, slips, glazes, firing methods, and alternative surfaces to uncover their role in determining the character of a ceramic object. The course will include research of historical and contemporary approaches to the ceramic surface, as well as studio experimentation, concluding with an independent research project. We will also investigate possibilities for incorporating drawing, painting and printmaking methods on clay. Students will use handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques for studio projects, and the course is intended for beginning and intermediate students. Prerequisite: None

Materials fee: $95.

Ceramics I
(4.00 Credits — Introductory)

Fall 2014

This course will introduce students to the primary forming methods in ceramics as well as providing the building blocks for a technical understanding of the material and processes. Students will be encouraged in a variety of making techniques working both sculpturally and functionally. Prerequisite: None

Additional Fee: $100

Ceramics II
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2013

Focused on developing hand building skills introduced in Ceramics I, this course will begin with diverse assignments and conclude with a self-directed project. Students will develop a material understanding and their personal aesthetic choices. Ceramics history and contemporary issues will be discussed. There will be a presentation and written component. 

Prerequisite: Ceramics I or permission of the instructorAdditional Fee:$95

Clay & Commodities: An Introduction to the Material Culture of Ceramic Objects
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2012

This course will introduce students to some of the basic theories in the study of material culture by looking at the use of ceramic objects in several cultures and time periods.  We will combine readings in the theories of material culture with close investigations of particular objects, their position in society, their use, and the continued appreciation today.  Objects will include pre-historic cooking pots, Greek amphorae, Japanese tea bowls, and Russian and British porcelain, among others.  The course will involve some hands on work with clay as well as several field trips and museum visits.  Permission of instructors required.

Additional Fee: $40.00

(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2012

Building on basic wheel-throwing skills, assignments will examine the use of the wheel in the creation of both functional and sculptural work. Focus will be on component pieces and strategies for altering the symmetrical wheel thrown form.

Prerequisite: Ceramics I

Additional Fee: $110


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