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Get a feel for the exciting variety of courses taught at Marlboro.

This is a list of courses that faculty felt was representational of the courses offered. It is not a complete list of courses, some courses are offered yearly, while others are infrequent. A course may be inspired by events or strong interests and taught only once.

Most advanced work is in the form of tutorials on specific subjects, a collaboration between one faculty member and one student or a handful of students.


Painting I
(4.00 Credits — Introductory)

Spring 2015

This course will explore oil painting through a series of projects based on the model, still life, and landscape. The class will begin by working on paper and expanding to include panel and stretched canvas. Emphasis is on close observation as well as individual response. Prerequisite: Drawing 1 or Studio Art or permission of instructor

Additional Fee: $50

Painting II
(4.00 Credits — Advanced)

Fall 2011

Studio class in advanced painting. Understanding contemporary  painting, its processes and philosophy. Four paintings will be  undertaken to investigate certain possibilities of painting. One  painting will involve working from a cell phone photo image, the  second painting will be painting as an accumulation of layers, the  third painting will be a series of three paintings developed through a  similar method, and the fourth painting will follow a specific  conceptual plan. Class time will be painting, critique, and discussion  of artists and ideas.

Prerequisite: Drawing 1, Painting 1, or permissionAdditional Fee:$100

Two Arms, Two Legs and a Head
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Spring 2011

This course will focus on the human figure, beginning with life drawing and moving into oil painting. To picture the body is difficult. This class will work primarily from direct observation of the model, building technical skills and conceptual approaches in figurative painting. Concurrent registration in ART 2265, Theory in Art Practice, is encouraged. Prerequisite: Drawing I or Painting I or permission of instructor


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