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Get a feel for the exciting variety of courses taught at Marlboro.

This is a list of courses that faculty felt was representational of the courses offered. It is not a complete list of courses, some courses are offered yearly, while others are infrequent. A course may be inspired by events or strong interests and taught only once.

Most advanced work is in the form of tutorials on specific subjects, a collaboration between one faculty member and one student or a handful of students.


Crossing Photographic Genres
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2013

This course will explore the use of genre and camera formats within the photographic process. We will concentrate on the landscape, the documentary and the portrait; also, sub-genres such as the diaristic, the still life, the snapshot and the invented image will be explored. We will discuss and research how and why genre and camera format are essential to understanding the picture making process as a maker and as a viewer. Students will complete weekly photographic assignments and are expected to produce a final project of their own design. Prerequisite: Introduction to B/W Photography or permission of Instructor

Additional Fee: $100.

Imaging Water
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2012

Through exploring water and its important significance in life, as well as its materiality, we will discuss its possibilities and implications as subject matter. This intermediate photography course will survey various analog and digital photographic processes, as well as diverse approaches to visual image making. Historical photographs and readings will assist students in executing assignments from the more abstract to the environmentally concerned documentary in content.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Photography or permission of instructorsAdditional Fee: $100

Intermediate & Advanced Photography Plan Seminar
(4.00 Credits — Multi-Level)

Spring 2019

This course is designed for intermediate and advanced level students in the visual arts. We will spend the vast majority of our meeting times critiquing student works in progress. Students at the intermediate level will be given three week long project prompts and technical demonstrations. Those on or about to be on Plan will select one body of work to focus on throughout the course. It is not required that all the work being critiqued be solely photographic or even photographic at all. If a student is doing a portion of plan work, which is not at all photographic, but is intended to relate to their photographic work they should feel comfortable bringing it in for critique. We will also discuss all issues concerning the preparation of a body of work and Plan Exhibition. Prerequisite: Introduction to Photography at the college level or by permission of instructor

Additional Fee:$120

  • Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Black & White Photography
(4.00 Credits — Introductory)

Fall 2012

This course will be an introduction to black and white photography and select digital photographic processes. The emphasis will be given to both visual communication, and technique. Students will learn basic procedures of camera operation, film exposure, development and analog enlargement of the image, scanning and inkjet printing, while exploring the visual and expressive qualities of the medium.

Prerequisite: None (access to a camera capable of full manual operation, please note the school has some to loan)

Additional Fee: $100

Introduction to Photography
(4.00 Credits — Introductory)

Fall 2016

This course provides an introductory foundation to black and white photography. Students will learn basic camera operation, film exposure, black and white film development and enlargement printing. Through the course of the semester students will complete photographic assignments, give an artist presentation and produce a final project of their own design. Student work will be discussed regularly in critique where visual communication will be emphasized alongside technique. Materials fee required. Having use of a camera with full manual operation capabilities is required, although the school has some to loan out.

Photography & The Body
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Spring 2011

In this course we will explore photography both as a means of representing the body, and as a way of extending or pushing the limits of the body's powers of perception. Topics include self portraiture, the body as form and shape, measuring the body, photographic typologies, time exposure, and multiple perspectives. We will also explore the transition from analog to digital photography, looking at evolutions in the physical practice of photography as well as changes in the images of the body that are produced. Through the course of the semester students will complete regular photographic assignments, give two presentations, and produce a final project of their own design. Prerequisite: Introduction to Photography

*See Theory in Art Practice for optional 2 credit add- on.

The Narrative in Photography
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2011

This course will explore the use of narrative in photography, with and without inclusion of text. We will research and create narrative works in various forms from constructed fiction to the observed non-fictional and documentary. Prerequisite: Introduction to B/W Photography on the college level or by permission of instructor  Additional Fee: $100



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