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Get a feel for the exciting variety of courses taught at Marlboro.

This is a list of courses that faculty felt was representational of the courses offered. It is not a complete list of courses, some courses are offered yearly, while others are infrequent. A course may be inspired by events or strong interests and taught only once.

Most advanced work is in the form of tutorials on specific subjects, a collaboration between one faculty member and one student or a handful of students.


Sculpture I
(4.00 Credits — Introductory)

Spring 2018

In this class the students will be introduced to the language of sculpture through the use of traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. Much of our time will be spent on sculpture assignments and independent work in the studios. We also will visit exhibitions, artists’ studios, view relevant films, and create PowerPoint presentations to explore aspects of sculpture from the time of the cave-dwellers to today’s most innovative artists. Through rigorous discussion and debate, we will learn to evaluate our own place as makers of things, and above all, discover and develop our own sensibilities in a lively and safe environment.

Additional Fee:$ 90

Sculpture II - The Object as Idea
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2016

"The object at the exactest point at which it is itself." Thus poet Wallace Stevens describes how objects might be seen. This is a course in the identification of and action on sculptural ideas. Projects in conceptual development, figure modeling, and the interaction of drawing and sculpture will be given. Technical areas such as waste-mold making will be introduced.

Additional Fee:$80

  • Sculpture 1 or permission of instructor

The Body
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Spring 2011

Sculpture has always been concerned at many levels with the human form but in recent decades the term ,"The Body", has indicated another aspect of this concern. Artists such as Kiki Smith, Robert Gober, Matthew Barney, Antony Gormley, Louise Bourgeois, Marina Abramovic and many others have created sculpture, installation, performance, and diverse other pieces that deal with issues of the political, sexual, medical, and theatrical uses of the Body. This course will ask students to make work that responds to a new understanding of the human corpus. Materials and techniques will be diverse and intertwined with the intention of each participant. Research into artists working in this realm will be included. This course is linked to Theory in Art Practice which meets Thursday, 9-10:20. Prerequisite: A college course in sculpture

Video Installation
(4.00 Credits — Intermediate)

Fall 2016

This tutorial will offer a plan level discourse on video installation which will guide me to a successful plan exhibit, since a large portion of it will be video installation. The artist whom I'm writing a paper on for plan is David Hall, a video installation and television artist who will be a discussed in the tutorial as well as other video installation pioneers such as Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Gary Hill and Tony Oursler. Video installation involves sculptural elements, which will be covered in the tutorial.

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