Continuing Education Courses

Marlboro’s continuing education courses give students the opportunity to increase their knowledge in a specific subject or to “test drive” a degree or certificate program. For those who’ve been out of the classroom for a long period of time, continuing education courses also offer a way to ease back into the student routine. 

Courses may be taken for credit or audited for no credit. Most courses are 3 credits; a maximum of 9 credits may be earned without matriculating as a degree student. Until that threshold is met, there are no admissions requirements for continuing education courses, which are offered on a space-available basis. If you decide to pursue a degree program after taking one or more continuing education courses, your course credits can be applied toward your final degree in most cases. 

Costs vary by course – between $445 and $745 per credit and a flat fee of $500 for audited courses. An enrollment deposit of $250 guarantees your spot in the course and is applied to the total payment.

Get Started

To see a listing of open courses and to enroll, please visit our course listing and enrollment page

Marlboro also offers customized continuing education courses for corporations and nonprofit organizations. For more information, please contact our admissions team at (888) 258-5665 x505 or