Organizational Leadership

Marlboro’s organizational leadership graduate program is a home for purpose-driven leaders to elevate themselves and empower their communities. At Marlboro, students develop their authentic leadership, participate in a vibrant learning community, and learn how to guide healthy, high-functioning teams in nonprofit, business, or government organizations.

To meet each student's professional goals, Marlboro offers a choice of a Master of Science in Management (MSM) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Both programs have a convenient, low-residency format with retreat-like residencies one weekend a month at Marlboro's beautiful southern Vermont campus.

Students graduate from the organizational leadership program with the essential skills necessary to lead mission-driven enterprises in complex times. Marlboro graduates go on to create start-ups, join consultancies, build new networks, or lead in existing enterprises across many industries, ranging from food security to solar energy, alternative schools to economic development.

Master of Science in Management

  • 36 credits
  • Core Organizational Leadership Curriculum
  • Monthly residency-retreats
  • Flexible blended learning model
  • Design your own specialty
  • Integrative Capstone project


Master of Business Administration

  • 45 credits
  • Core Organizational Leadership Curriculum
  • Monthly residency-retreats
  • Flexible blended learning model
  • Design your own specialty
  • Integrative Capstone project
  • Executive-level MBA Seminars

What's your specialization?

Engaging with Marlboro's rigorous core leadership curriculum, students master the essential skills of organizational leadership such as:

  • project management
  • systems thinking
  • financial decision-making
  • team-building
  • personal leadership development
  • clear communication

Building from this core curriculum, each student works with their advisor to craft a field of specialization for deeper inquiry and practice, one that best advances their professional goals. Self-designed specializations maintain high standards while allowing students the flexibility they need to clarify and execute their leadership vision.

Students demonstrate their core and specialized competencies by curating a portfolio of their strongest work. The portfolio may include artefacts from coursework, field-based learning, literature reviews, formal mentorships, and the capstone project.

Project Management

“Over the course of the program, I developed a confidence in my ability to organize a substantial project, execute my idea, and galvanize support. Completing this project gave me the real-world experience I needed to build a concrete belief in my abilities.”

–Sunitha Malieckal '15

Mission-Driven Organizations

"As a leader coming out of Marlboro’s management program, I have a much larger degree of calm confidence than I ever could have imagined. I've been able to think in new ways about community, building on the strengths of team members, collaboration, and leadership."

– Danielle Delaini '16

Social Innovation

"For me, deciding to launch VT Dinners was an attempt to live my values: to demonstrate what the “new story” of business can be. I’d like to believe that by acting from a place of passion (specifically my love for local food), I’ve grown as an individual and as a leader. And for that self-awareness, I thank the community I found at Marlboro.”

–Nathaniel Brooks '15

Design your own path

Where will you take your leadership journey at Marlboro?