Collaborative Leadership

Change is never easy. The collaborative leadership concentration is designed for bold, forward-thinking change leaders who understand that how we lead is essential to business innovation, social evolution, and sustainability. Participants develop new muscles for leading together, rooted in our innate abilities to share power and collectively shape change. In a century where organizations are increasingly focused on being not only the best in the world but the best for the world, graduates who complete the collaborative leadership concentration will have essential career-advancing skills based on cutting-edge social business practices.


Lori Hanau

“Students who come through the Collaborative Leadership concentration build the capacities, mind-sets, and heart-sets to shift from talking about the change they care to see in the world to modeling being the change. They have been exposed to whole-systems-level, co-creative leading and problem-solving through classroom study and field work. The experience they gain prepares them 'wholistically,' within their personal lives, within their organizations, and in partnership with broader networks and communities for collective impact.” Learn more about Lori and other faculty.


Teresa Benevento

“Marlboro’s MSM program guided me through a deep-dive into why I gravitate to leadership positions, held up a mirror of self-awareness, and encouraged me to lead from my authentic center. Additionally, the community at Marlboro fosters an environment of ‘shared vulnerability’ where everyone (faculty, staff, and students) is an equal and seen as a ‘learning partner.’ It is a community that is participatory, constructive, and challenging, yet mutually supportive.”


Danielle Delaini

"As a leader coming out of Marlboro’s management program, I have a much larger degree of calm confidence than I ever could have imagined. I've been able to think in new ways about community, building on the strengths of team members, collaboration, and leadership. I've seen that organizations may have different missions but often they have the same goals and can share resources and achieve amazing things together, and I've helped organizations do just that." Learn about other graduates.

Course of Study

Along with other students within the Collaborative Leadership concentration, you will learn how to show up as the leaders who care—and dare—to inspire and model, how to “be” the leaders of change within our business and social organizations. Through innovative courses such as Foundations of Systems Leadership, Organizational Change Management, and Facilitative Leadership, you will gain insight into your personal leadership styles and how to modify those styles to more readily interact within today’s complex systems. See a typical course of study for a full-time student pursuing an MBA degree, with a focus in collaborative leadership, or review all management courses.

Career Outlook

Today’s business leaders need to be connectors; they need to have the ability to link disparate people, ideas, and resources in ways that have not been experienced before. Being able to connect these components locally and globally is a much-desired skill in forward-thinking businesses, and will continue to be so. Leaders who demonstrate the knowledge and skills for functioning as connectors will be highly sought after for years to come.