Conscious Business

Brace yourself for “business-as-unusual.” The conscious business concentration pairs traditional business tools with exciting alternatives to inform a purposeful and values-driven approach to management. Students will develop a foundation in modern business education, enhanced by the critical thinking and leadership skills to understand the opportunities emerging in movements such as conscious capitalism, the new economy, and shared-value. The distinguishing feature of Marlboro’s conscious business concentration is a commitment to push beyond “sustainability”—a state of zero impact—to a net positive state whereby organizations prosper, communities thrive, and the planet flourishes anew.


Cheryl Eaton

“Students in this concentration get the best of both: cutting edge business skills and the awakening of their ethical and best selves. Merging the two, they don’t need a manufactured pledge—they are the new leaders that bring their full capabilities and sensibilities to bear for the good of their teams, organizations, communities, and the world.” Learn more about Cheryl and other faculty.


Dhruv Jagasia

“It is our duty to negate and reverse the impacts of previous generations' irresponsible business activities on people and planet. We take our duty seriously since we know that we all, together, are change-makers, and the world certainly needs changing for the better. Marlboro has helped me solidify my place in the world as a business leader and, more importantly, as a human being.”


Alex Fischer

“Is it possible to create business structures that invest in communities, in the earth and soil, and in returning wealth and resources to traditionally exploited communities? How is the world of business supporting and standing in solidarity with frontline communities organizing for a non-extractive and regenerative economy? Being a part of Marlboro’s MBA program gave me the opportunity to go deep with myself and those around me to answer these questions.” Learn about other graduates.

Course of Study

A focus in this concentration area will provide you the knowledge and skills to lead with agility and courage, think creatively, and act decisively. You will discover tools to inform purposeful and values-driven approaches to business and management. Through courses such as Ecological Economics, Political Economy, Institutions and Markets, and Equality, Equity, and Inclusion, you will learn how to apply your personal values, beliefs, attitudes, and consciousness to guide an organization from its status quo to a healthy future based on the well-being of the whole. Pursuing either the MSM or MBA degree with this concentration will enable you to transform the world, to think holistically, live your values, and invent and build an alternative future. See a typical course of study for a full-time student pursuing an MBA degree, with a focus in conscious business, or review all management courses.

Career Outlook

Conscious businesses perform 10 times better than companies that don’t practice conscious business principles, according to Harvard Business Review. Conscious companies treat their stakeholders better. Their suppliers are happier to do business with them. Employees are more engaged, productive, and likely to stay. These companies are more welcome in their communities and their customers are more satisfied and loyal. The most conscious companies give even more, and they get more in return. The inescapable conclusion: it pays to care, widely and deeply. Our concentration in Conscious Business helps you become a leader in innovative companies at the creative edge of the new economy.