Mission-Driven Organizations

Whether you are involved in a nonprofit organization, socially responsible business, or collective initiative, your mission is your yardstick. Students pursuing the mission-driven organization concentration learn to be strong leaders in this exciting and evolving sector. Coursework in financial management, outcomes measurement, fundraising, and marketing, equip students with the practical tools they need to build highly effective organizational systems that operate from a position of abundant possibility. At the same time, through real-world projects and reflective practices, students develop a sophisticated approach to strengths-based management enabling them to catalyze support around a shared vision for a better world.


Claire Wheeler

"Social change is systems change. I appreciate working with Marlboro’s graduate programs to help provide students the tools to understand and influence the big-picture systems, by empowering them to make impacts they can see, feel, and measure." Learn more about Claire and other faculty.


Donovan Arthen

"I am thrilled by the number of possibilities in front of me. I have the skills and the degree to help me find and excel in a management position in a company that could benefit from my work; and I have the opportunities to see how I can best take my passion for community building and positive experience to serve the greater communities around me, whether in business, personal development, or social justice."


Sarah Mutrux

"Looking back at my career while at Marlboro, my greatest challenge turned out to be my greatest success. I came into the graduate program determined to find a way to improve my leadership skills and my greatest success from the program is the confidence I have gained." Learn about other graduates.

Course of Study

As a student in this concentration area you can pursue either an MSM or an MBA degree, with a curriculum developed in line with national standards of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council. Electives in topics such as social media strategy, social enterprises, working with nonprofit boards, appreciative inquiry, and organizational change management, as well as offerings through Marlboro's Center for New Leadership, give students of varying backgrounds and interests the latitude to customize their course of study. Required coursework in this concentration includes topics such as: Outcomes and Evaluations, Fundraising and Philanthropy, Triple Strength Impact, and Thriving in Teams and Organizations. See a typical course of study for a full-time student pursuing an MBA or MSM degree with a focus in mission-driven organizations, or review all management courses.

Career Outlook

Since 2008, the nonprofit sector has grown faster than business and government sectors in both wages and employees. This growth is fueling a need for business leaders who understand how to be strong, yet compassionate, and who understand how to determine the collective impact of a program and how to measure its outcomes, be it at the local level or global level.