Social Innovation

If you have an unquenchable curiosity that inspires you to create, innovate, lead, and discover, the future needs you. The social innovation concentration is designed for students who want to address vexing social problems by designing novel approaches that are more effective, efficient, sustainable, and just. Drawing upon Marlboro’s commitment to foster renaissance scholars in the spirit of great minds past and present like Leonardo Da Vinci and Muhammad Yunus, our program inspires students to synthesize their broad knowledge and tackle complex questions in imaginative ways. Graduates will have highly marketable skills based on cutting-edge social business practices.


Travis Hellstrom

"Incredibly exciting things are happening at the intersection of business and nonprofit impact. I love working with students at Marlboro to help them make the kind of change they want to see in the world, whether it's through the B Corps movement, social business, international work or more much."Learn more about Travis and other faculty.


Cassandra Holloway

"Being part of Marlboro I have established a stronger professional network of educators, mentors, and colleagues that I hope to foster throughout my professional career. It has been an honor to be surrounded by the wealth of knowledge and experience within the classroom and the steadfast energy of hope, optimism, and mutual commitment to making the world a better place in which to live."


Sophie Abrams

"I faced my fears in this program. I went to circle and spoke from the heart. I gave presentations with no words on the slides. I pitched crazy business ideas to classmates. I went to Africa and gave on-the-spot inspirational speeches to hundreds of children. I will remember how each time, it turned out okay, and I’m thankful that I found a program that allowed me to do that. I will continue to face my fears in my life and in my career." Learn about other graduates.

Course of Study

If you complete the Social Innovation concentration, with either and MSM or MBA degree, you will have essential career-advancing skills based on cutting-edge social business practices. Courses in this concentration include topics such as Foundations of Social Innovation and Triple Strength Impact. Additionally you will have an opportunity to participate in focused field work, under the tutelage of leaders in fields such as social justice and community development. See a typical course of study for a full-time student pursuing an MBA degree, with a focus in social innovation, or review all management courses.

Career Outlook

In the last two decades there has been an explosion of social innovation organizations and ideas around the world. Social innovation initiatives are all around us and they are growing stronger every day, whether you are talking about charter schools, microfinance, the B Corps movement, social responsibility investing, community-centered planning, emissions trading, fair trade, or international labor standards. Graduates of our concentration in social innovation develop fluency and flexibility within a wide range of disciplines, because ultimately our most difficult and important problems cannot be understood, let alone solved, without thinking outside the box and involving the nonprofit, public, and private sectors to work in alignment towards shared goals.