ETS licensure Process and Forms

Here is Marlboro College's suggested process for acquiring Vermont initial teacher licensure along with the Educational Technology Specialist endorsement.

  1. Contact admissions to create a study plan, which may include relevant graduate credits from other institutions.

  2. Begin the Marlboro’s long-respected and state-approved 18 credits for the Educational Technology Specialist endorsement.

  3. Secure work in a public school working with a licensed teacher every week in some capacity, or work in a private school as a teacher or staff supporting a teacher for about 500 hours of weekly work.

  4. When you complete the ETS credits at Marlboro, request official transcripts from Marlboro (2 copies).

  5. Request transcripts from your undergraduate degree institution.

  6. Take the Praxis Core, or get past ACT/GRE/SAT scores sent to you that meet the passing scores. Learn more.

  7. Before you start to gather your application into one packet, read through the below.
    The definitive source of information is the Vermont Agency of Education’s Transcript Review page on their website. All the directions and PDF forms are there. But, we have some tips to help you along with the specific Initial Licensure with ETS process.