Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) Vermont Endorsement

The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) has a new endorsement called, "5440 - 25 Online Teaching Specialist" (OTS). We are actively working with the AOE to establish which of our MAT EdTech courses apply. 

Marlboro's current courses that apply towards the "Technology Skills" section of the OTS are:

  1. MAT603 - Web Design and Media Production - 3 credits, Fall. 
  2. MAT616 - Games and Simulations - 1 credit, spring. 
  3. MAT622 - Transforming Learning with Mobile Devices - 3 credits, usually Winter and Spring. 

Interested in the OTS endorsement?

Contact Matt Livingston in admissions with any questions:, (802) 258-9209 or (888) 258-5665 x209.

More Info

The OTS endorsement is for those wishing to "plan, deliver, and evaluate online instruction" in 100% onilne K-12 environments. The endoresement for Online Teaching Specialist is for Vermont certified K-12 educators, and it applies only to the content area for which they are already certified. For specific state restrictions and requirements, see the Online Teaching Specialist Standards and Teacher Review Worksheet from the State AOE. 

The OTS endorsement requires 18 credits. 9 of these credits come from your existing credit hours required for certification in your content area. The remaining 9 credits need to come from graduate level course work focusing on skills and training related to teaching students from a distance who are enrolled in online course work (as specified in AOE's Teacher Review Worksheet). This endorsement also requires 60 hours of online practicum work. 

If you already have experience with online teaching and are seeking endorsement, until 2015 the state has a system for grandfathering those who are, or have, taught online. For specific information and instruction, see AOE's Experienced Online Teacher Worksheet .   

Helpful Information

  1. Introduction to the Online Teaching Specialist Endorsement
  2. Online Teaching Specialist Standards
  3. Teacher Review Worksheet
  4. Worksheet to add Online Teaching Specialist endorsement as an experienced Online Teacher

Additional Offerings

It is important to note that the OTS endorsement is NOT for those wishing to design, construct online course materials. One of our EdTech programs would be a better fit for that. 

  1. A 30-credit Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology (MAT)
  2. A 15 credit Certificate in Educational Technology
  3. Professional development through our Continuing Education Program (CEP)
  4. Educational Technology Specialist (ETS) Endorsement Courses for licensed Vermont teachers.

If you have any questions, please come visit us, email or call Matt Livingston in admissions 888-258-5665 x209, or the program chair, Caleb Clark.