New Student Orientation

  • Fall 2015: September 11, 2015

All new MBA and MS in Management students are required to participate in this orientation in-person, at the graduate school. We will spend time getting to know each other, building community, learning more about Marlboro College, and covering many administrative and technology topics. We will also spend some time outdoors, unless the weather is extreme, so please come prepared to be outside for a couple of hours.


Study Plans

MBA and MS-M Course Prerequisites

  • MBA Prerequisites: Excel, Powerpoint, Accounting, and Quantitative Skills
  • MDO Prerequisites: Excel and Powerpoint. Please note that MDO students wishing to take the elective economics courses must also complete the Quantitative Skills module described below.

Ideally prerequisites will be done before the start of your first trimester, and MUST be completed before you can access the online learning website for each course that has a prerequisite. See details following:

Excel - Required before you begin the program

Before starting the MBA or MS-M program, you must know how to:

  • Use basic formatting options
  • Create and use simple spreadsheets that employ formulas
  • Create charts based on data in a spreadsheet
MBA students should also know how to use some of the simpler statistical and financial functions, such as:
  • Averages
  • Variance
  • Present value
  • Future value
  • IRR

We leave it to you to determine whether your own skills are adequate. The above skills will be essential in a variety of courses, beginning in the first trimester. If you do not already possess the above skills, it is your responsibility to arrange for online or in-person Excel training before you begin class. You can find tutorials for Excel on the Microsoft website, YouTube and FreeLearn.org. Please note that an equivalent competency with Google Sheets is also acceptable.


Students must be proficient in using PowerPoint before registering for MBAS610–Needs & Wants in a Sustainable Society, a required MBA and MDO class offered during the fall trimester. We leave it to you to determine whether your own skills are adequate. Freelearn.org offers training in many software programs including Powerpoint. Please note that an equivalent competency with Google Presentation or Prezi is also acceptable.

Accounting & Quantitative Skills (MBA only)

  • Basic accounting skills OR an online accounting prep class is required for MBA students before MBAS612–Finance I  (spring trimester)
  • Basic quantitative skills OR an online quant skills prep class is required for all MBA students as well as MS-M students taking the econ sequence as an elective. This pre-req must be satisfied before a student enrolls in MBAS613–Macroeconomics & Political Economy (winter trimester) or MBAS606–Managerial Economics (fall trimester)

GMAT Business Ready™ offers the online preparatory courses in Accounting and Quant Skills. Use this link to see an outline of what is covered in the Accounting and Quant Skills online modules. You can ignore the Finance and Statistics courses. The Accounting module includes 20 lessons. Although GMAT administrators estimate it takes approximately 13 hours to complete, some students have needed twice the time, depending on their prior knowledge.

Go to http://www.gmatbusinessready.com to get started. You must receive a score of 70% or higher in a course to complete the prerequisite.  Please email your final course exam and score to Kathy Urffer, registrar, so that we know you have completed the prerequisite. You will not be able to access the Moodle course site until you have successfully completed the necessary online prerequisite for that course and have submitted your final exam score to the registrar.

If after reviewing the GMAT Course Outlines you believe that you know this material from your prior academic or work experience, please contact Pat Daniel, MBA program chair, explaining why you should be given a waiver for the prerequisite.

Accommodations for Class Weekends - Make reservations early

Visit the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce website to see the possibilities. We highly recommend that you plan ahead and book rooms in advance. This is especially true for September and October, the peak-foliage season here.

The Latchis Hotel, Colonial Motel and Spa, Econolodge, and Holiday Inn Express have provided discounts for Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies students in the past. During warmer months, some students choose to camp at Fort Dummer State Park.


A free light breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and juice is served in the grad school common area, starting one hour before the first scheduled class, every day that classes are in session.

Lunch (typically salads, sandwiches and fruit), is served on Friday and Saturday of class weekends; lunch is free but reservations are required. For Sunday lunch you are welcome to help yourself to leftovers, when they are available. There is a refrigerator and microwave for your use in the small grad school kitchen. The Brattleboro Co-op, a health food store and cafe with salad bar and deli-style hot meals, is across the street from the campus. 

There are also a number of good, reasonably-priced restaurants and cafes located within a two-block walk from campus. Ask for recommendations when you get here. You can also see some of what Brattleboro has to offer on the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce website