MS in Management - Mission-Driven Organizations

What makes an organization mission-driven? Mission-driven leaders—people like you who want to make a difference in the world, while leaving it better, safer, and stronger than they found it. 

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To be an effective leader of a mission-driven organization, you need those values in your heart, but you also need specialized skills and knowledge in your head. Whether you want to lead a nonprofit, a socially responsible enterprise, or a “low-profit” organization engaged in social philanthropy, you can realize your goals through Marlboro’s MS in Management: Mission-Driven Organizations (MSM-MDO) program.

Combining a commitment to social values with tools for effective management, the MSM-MDO program delivers intensive training in systems thinking, personal leadership development, and project management. The program is structured around dynamic team learning in intentionally small classes and robust online discussions and assignments. Through a curriculum that includes several courses from Marlboro’s MBA program, you’ll develop practical knowledge and skills in areas ranging from strategic planning, change management, and teambuilding to philanthropy, governance, managerial accounting, and marketing—skills with broad applicability that seamlessly transfer to both current and future positions.

The MSM-MDO program also offers a wealth of beyond-the-classroom opportunities to translate theory into practice and to network with peers through community events and workshops administered through our [Office for Mission-Driven Education and Leadership]. The office also serves as a nexus for Marlboro’s engagement with other socially conscious organizations and initiatives, such as the Center for Creative Solutions and Benchmarks for a Better Vermont.

MSM-MDO graduates use their degrees as a springboard for diverse careers that help them live a life of purpose and service. To learn more about our alumni’s success, read some of their stories.

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