Nonprofit Graduates at Work

Here is just a small selection of Marlboro alumni and students from the Managing Mission-Driven Organizations program, with detailed descriptions of their projects and ventures. If you would like to ask an alumnus questions about the program, please contact Matt Livingston, the Director of Graduate Admissions: 888-258-5665 x209.

Emily Shipman MSM-MDO '12

Program Associate, The Sustainable Food Lab

"The certificate program was incredible. When I found out there was another step I could take as far as my nonprofit education, I jumped at the opportunity." Part of the next step in the degree program is Marlboro College's Capstone process. Through this, Emily found her dream job working for the Sustainable Food Lab. Emily captures the sentiment of most of our students, "The capstone process really broadened my horizons and gave me some experience that I didn’t have, but wanted to put on my resume."

At the Sustainable Food Lab she works as an integral part of their agriculture and development team, providing much-needed research, analysis and project management to support the Food Lab's efforts in improving value chain sustainability. Her MSM MDO from Marlboro College proved invaluable during her capstone project with the Food Lab and now in her work with them.

Emily says it best herself: "I worked full-time while in school—the MDO program was a challenge, but it changed my life. I’m really excited about what’s next for me. Marlboro is a really hands on place to learn. They want you to solve real world problems and it’s not merely academic. The faculty really push students to tackle real world problems and to be practical about their work and apply it."

Jodi Clark MSM-MDO '14

Project Manager, Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies

"In all of my work with the various arts, education, and community initiative programs I have found myself at, I have learned that I am truly passionate about working within a community and with a community to be part of the co-creation process. The MDO program was a perfect fit for me to further my skill sets and leadership capabilities so I can take what I have already learned to the next level." In addition to her work with SEVEDS, Jodi is also training as a leadership guide with the Generative Council at the Center for Nature and Leadership, and planning to launch a local version of the program in Vermont.

“In so much nonprofit work, you are forced to glean little snippets of good management theory or practice on the spot and sometimes with very little guidance. The MDO program is the place where you can finally learn all of the critical skills that bolster mission-driven work, allowing you to succeed rather than burn out. No matter how much nonprofit experience you have had before, be ready to be pleasantly surprised at all of the new learning you have coming.”

"The learning I have gained from the program has exceeded my expectations. I had hoped for some skill training and what I have gotten is truly life training.”

Christine Hazzard MSM-MDO '13

Support And Services at Home Coordinator, Brattleboro Housing Authority 

While still an MSM MDO student, Christine got her perfect job at the Brattleboro Housing Authority as their SASH coordinator. She says that she loves her job because, "I support people by organizing and facilitating healthy living workshops, assisting in transitions from assisted living or hospital stays and connecting participants to resources in their community." In her new role, she works to build trusting relationships with participants in SASH in order to develop a thorough knowledge of each participant’s strengths and challenges as they pertain to remaining safely in their home. "My objective is to help participants in remaining at home safely as long as they wish and to create a plan to meet their personal healthy living goals."

Christine says, "Marlboro’s MDO program seemed like a perfect match." She further explains how her degree outcomes are directly impacting her new work. "I am amazed at how many aspects of my graduate school experience I have been able to apply to my work. I looked for a school that would teach me the skills needed to run a nonprofit program with a business mind set. I have certainly gotten what I came for and then some. I know that without all of the real world projects that I worked on I would never have been offered my new job." 

Cassandra Halloway MSM-MDO '14

Policy and Project Coordinator, Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition

Cassandra landed her job at BAPC before she graduated. “While still a student, I was able to get a great position at a dynamic nonprofit headquartered right here at the Marlboro Graduate Center. My education and class projects from Marlboro played a large role in landing the position.”

At the BAPC, Cassandra’s work focuses on increasing the effectiveness of drug and alcohol prevention in southeast Windham County. Her Marlboro education not only helped her secure this job—it is also helping her to perform it more effectively. "The experiential aspect of the MSM MDO's courses makes the learning stick. The class projects are tangible and completely applicable to my current and future professional endeavors.”