MBA Circle of Advisors

Since the early days of our program's planning in 2006, the Marlboro MBA has been inspired and counselled by a remarkable group of advisors—thought and action leaders in their fields.  Members of our Circle of Advisors appear as guest speakers, advise capstone projects, assist in courses, and play a variety of other important strategic, operational, and community roles. We are sincerely grateful for their support.

John Abrams

Co-founder & CEO 
South Mountain Company

Author: Companies We Keep: Employee Ownership and the Business of Community and Place
West Tisbury, Massachusetts
Visit John Abrams's blog 

Allen Baer

President & Founder

David Bennell

Director of Corporate Relations
The Trust for Public Land

Sylvia Blanchet

Sustainable Trade and Consulting

Anders Faijersson Ferguson

Chief Strategist and Partner
Veris Wealth Partners

J. Barton Goodwin

Marlboro College Board of Trustees 
Partner, BCI Partners Inc. 

Alisa Gravitz

Executive Director
Green America

Washington D.C.

Karl-Erik Grevendahl

Advisor, Sustainable Business Development, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden
CEO, Karl-Erik Grevendahl Development AB

Peter Kinder

Cambridge, Massachusetts and East Dorset, Vermont
Visit Peter Kinder's blog: The Bell 

Randy Kritkausky

President & Co-Founder 

Cary Krosinsky

Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Columbia Business School, Columbia University
Vice President, TruCost 

Teodorina Lessidrenska

Senior GRI Associate, Global Reporting Initiative, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
International Consultant on CSR and Sustainable Business Development, MOMOS Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland 
Senior Research Fellow, Clark University, USA

Paul Millman

Co-Founder & Co-Owner
Chroma Technology Corporation

Ron Nahser

Provost-Emeritus, The Presidio Graduate School
Senior Wicklander Fellow
DePaul University's Institute for Business and Professional Ethics

Dean R. Nicyper

Chairman, Marlboro College Board of Trustees 
Partner at Fleming, Zulack Williamson Zauderer, LLP 
New York, New York

John Nirenberg

Political Activist, Author, Academic
Brattleboro, Vermont

Gifford Pinchot III

President and Co-Founder, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Libba Pinchot

Co-Founder, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Robert Repetto

Professor of Economics and Sustainable Development at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Senior Advisor to Stratus Environmental Consulting, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado
Fellow of the Tim Wirth Chair in the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado
Author: America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward
World Resources Institute
UN Foundation

Roger Sallant

Executive Director, Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 

Bill Schubart

Entrepreneur, Author, Commentator

Mark Starik

Professor and Chair, Department of Strategic Management & Public Policy, George Wahington University
Director, Environmental & Social Sustainability Initiative, George Washington University School of Business 
Washington, D.C.

Phil Steckler

Marlboro College Board of Trustees
Country Business, Inc.
Brattleboro, Vermont

Janice Warren

Director of OneReport,
SRI World Group, Inc.

Alex Wilson

Founder of BuildingGreen
Brattleboro, Vermont
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