“I came to Marlboro College's nonprofit management certificate program with questions, and I left with a whole lot of answers. More importantly, however, I left with skills, tools and guidance to carry me forward in my chosen profession.”
Cindy Heaney, Program Coordinator, Infant Toddler Center (Acton, MA) - F11 St Johnsbury

"The caliber and knowledge the guest speakers bring to the classes is beyond words. Excellent!"
Participant - W11 Burlington

“I recommend this workshop to anyone who is currently involved or planning on being involved with a not for profit organization. The teachers are informative and passionate about their expertise.”
Crystal Barry - W11 Burlington

“This course was an incredible resource for me. The lecturers were in-the-trenches thinkers, active practitioners of their subjects. I came away with a clearer recognition of my own specific abilities and strengths. I was encouraged to venture into those fields and envision more boldly. And, as a bonus, the course participants have maintained a strong network!”
Kate Anderson, New England Youth Theater- W08 Brattleboro

“It was a great orientation to the world of nonprofits. I left the course with a solid understanding of nonprofit organizations, and I feel confident in applying for nonprofit jobs.”
Michaela Wood, Recent Marlboro College Graduate - W11 Brattleboro

“I absolutely loved this program. I am so glad to have had such a wonderful group of classmates and instructors to learn and grow from.”
Erin Mackel, RN OSN, Supervisor, American Red Cross (Burlington) - F10 Burlington

“The Nonprofit Management Certificate Program was a great fast track option for busy working nonprofit leaders. The information was practical, the connections helpful and the faculty very experienced. I have a much more complete skill set to bring back to my work place along with a renewed confidence for tackling tough issues in the nonprofit world.”
Julia van Ranson, Neighborhood Schoolhouse (Brattleboro) - W11 Brattleboro

“The Certificate program has helped me feel more prepared to enter the nonprofit job market. The knowledge I gained from the program has given me confidence that I will be able to contribute to any nonprofit I work for in the future.”
Kelly Pierce-Bulger - W11 Brattleboro

“The nonprofit course provided a strong introduction to the work and functions of nonprofit organizations. I leave the course with a better understanding of how nonprofits function and great ways to improve that functioning.”
James Askew, Journalist/Writer (Middlesex, VT) - F10 Burlington

“The format of this program made it possible for me, a full-time grad student with a job, to participate. It was wonderful; the relationships built in the cohort and the faculty expertise made this program worth every penny.”
Leah Charpentier, Executive Director, New England Renaissance Student Consortium - F10 Burlington

“Excellent perspective for those of us in the nonprofit sector already as well as those considering new ventures.”
Laurel Shelmandine, Treasurer, Champlain Valley Folk Festival; Treasurer, Community Center of Jericho; Board member, Kingdom County Productions - F10 Burlington

“As the Executive Director of a small nonprofit organization, I was thrilled to have had my assistant earn this certificate. She proudly talked about it at our board meeting last night and I’m already seeing increased understanding and perspective on our business from her as a result. “
Bruce Genereaux, Executive Director, Upper Valley Presents (Norwich, VT) - F10 Norwich

“The best part of the program for me is that I feel I have revisited and learned new information that will be critical to my current employment search. Having been removed from the HR field for quite some time, I feel I can more confidently go into interviews and meet with organizations.”
Kathy Cinder-Wells, president, athletic nonprofit - F10 Burlington

“The focus on practitioners was the real strength of this workshop series. So much was jammed into the ten-week series and it was worth every moment of time, effort and money invested.”
Cindy Heaney, Program Coordinator, Infant Toddler Center (Acton, MA) - F11 St Johnsbury

“I’ve waited more than a year for the opportunity to participate in this Certificate program. It was well worth the wait. Renewing my business knowledge, seeing my organization in a new light and finding or solidifying my personal goals were just some of the benefits for me.”
Marianne McGee, Bookkeper, Farm & Wilderness - F10 Norwich

“More than being the quintessential training in nonprofit management, more than the highest caliber of faculty and immeasurable value of subjects covered, this program provided the synergy and multi-organizational connections needed to take a fledgling dream and turn it into a viable plan of action.”
Katherine St Martin, Executive Director, Connecticut River Valley EMS - F10 Norwich

“Learning from professionals in the field was invaluable but having the opportunity to learn from my peers was an opportunity I don’t think I could have gained anywhere else.”
Breanna Kline, Station manager, CATV - F10 Norwich

“I got all the help and advice I needed. It was wonderful.”
Sarah Mutrux, Director, The Common Place Inc and The Art House (Craftsbury Commons) - F10 Burlington

“My job would have been easier having all this information from the start of our organization. Now, I have a plan and the tools to bring our organization to where the founder envisioned. I’ll be back for more!”
Barbara Welch, Executive Director, Angels Among Us Pet Hostel - F10 Norwich

“This program gave me concrete tools to improve the operation of our board. I very much appreciated the expertise of the other members of the class and the diversity of the organizations represented.”
Bruch Lehmann, Volunteer, Comfort Zone Camp; Board Member, Hanover Hockey - F10 Norwich

“There can be no question that this is an invaluable course for managers of non-profits. It is a fantastic way to learn about industry standards through excellent instructors. I highly recommend it!”
Stephen Warner, Area Director, Pathways - F10 Norwich

"This course offered a stellar series of instructors & guest speakers. Each session provided participants with new insights regarding their organizations and their respective professional roles."
Jennifer Petersson, Director of Community Impact, Upper Valley Region, Granite United Way - F10 Norwich

“It was great to meet other nonprofit leaders and to get different perspectives. I learned a lot and have a lot of new resources to draw from.”
Emily Gardner, Upper Valley Presents - F10 Norwich

“The nonprofit management program was excellent. After working in the ‘for profit’ world for 10+ years, this program helped me become a much better asset to my company. It was great to be part of a diverse group of nonprofit managers and staff.”
Mary E. Habig, Executive Director, Connecticut River Transit - F10 Norwich

"In order to be successful, a not-for-profit needs to be as equipped, ready and competitive as any for-profit business. Understanding your resources, not only your profit/loss statements, but the importance of the complexion of your board of directors, creating an effective database and investing significant time in fundraising and initiating a strategic long-term development plan help to secure this success."
Robert McBride, Director, Rockingham Arts and Museum Project (RAMP) - W08 Brattleboro

“Networking with community partners was priceless.“
Sandra L. Clark, Asset Manager, Brattleboro Housing Authority - W08 Brattleboro

“The classes have broadened my view. Initially I was a bit concerned that we represented such diverse organizations. I shouldn't have been. It brought a richness we would not otherwise have had."
Nonprofit Board Member –W08 Brattleboro

“After practicing law in Burlington for 13 years, I made the decision to change careers. In anticipation, I completed the Nonprofit Management certificate program on the Champlain Campus… It was great.”
Doug Bishop, Spokesperson, Central Vermont/ NH Valley Red Cross

“First and foremost, the certificate course allowed me to become a better board member for my own organization. While the adjunct professors were absolutely wonderful, some of the real learning to. ok place in and amongst the members of the class. The cross-leveling of information, networking and ideas was wonderful. This course is extremely worthwhile to attend and comes highly recommended for any nonprofit organization.”
Frank Wetherby. Rescue, Inc. - W08 Brattleboro

“I found the certificate course enormously helpful. I'm a newcomer to the nonprofit world, and every class brought immediately applicable information. I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Rebecca Harris, Executive Director, Contoocook Valley Transportation Co - W08 Brattleboro

“I would definitely recommend this to other Executive Directors. I have had past leadership training in a corporate environment. There are similarities but it is so refreshing to participate in this nonprofit leadership training where the focus is nonprofit. I now have a road map to follow in a fairly new career.”
Dolores C. Struckhoff, Executive Director, Enfield Village Association - F10 Norwich