Teaching for Transformation

At Marlboro College, we challenge educators to spark a better world through their engagement, insight, and commitment. Our Master of Arts in Teaching programs provide the skills and knowledge to reignite teachers’ passion, dedication and drive to lead and inspire. We help teachers incorporate empathy and equity into their curricula so that they can elevate students’ hearts as well as their minds. Students apply and fine-tune their newly acquired skills in classroom placements that allow them to regard practical experience and academic theory as interdependent and equally vital. Licensed teachers are welcome to apply for any of our MATs.

“The program's emphasis on teaching with purpose, especially as it relates to the development of critical thinking in both educators and students, is remarkable. I love the work I do, and being a part of the Marlboro alumni network continues to support me in the often hectic world of being an educator.”

—Bethany Hobbs ’11

“The masters program in TESOL revamped and transformed my perspective on the field. I am more equipped to pursue employment in a fast-paced, globalizing world. Through Marlboro I have a refined my vision for innovation in teaching, and gained the support of a lifelong, thoughtful, and supportive international community.”

—Jaime Polzin ’15