Centro Espiral Mana Fellowship

Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies is proud to offer this fellowship in partnership with Centro Espiral Mana (CEM), a school based in San Ramon, Costa Rica that offers English language instruction as well as courses for teacher educators both locally and in other Latin American countries. This partnership is grounded in a shared vision for enhancing the professional development of TESOL. CEM offers English language instruction as well as courses for teachers and teacher educators both locally and in other Latin American countries.

Through this partnership, applicants to Marlboro's MAT-TESOL program who have participated in a program conducted by CEM are eligible for a generous scholarship. Together, Marlboro College and CEM will develop a cohort of highly-skilled educators who are not only trained in the methodology of TESOL, but who are curious and innovative, passionate about what they do, and committed to creating learning communities where every student can learn, create, grow, and contribute joyfully.


  1. Applicants must demonstrate a clear relationship to Centro Espiral Mana (CEM)

  2. Priority will be given to applicants who have participated in a course, retreat or training related to English language teaching, conducted by CEM. The course may have taken place in Costa Rica or any of the other Latin American countries in which CEM has conducted trainings. The course may also be an online version.

  3. Successful applicants will demonstrate a willingness to contribute to their own English teaching community.  Scholarship recipients will be expected to create a plan, together with CEM/Marlboro faculty, for how they will be sharing their learning both online (using social media) and in their local community during and after completing the master’s degree.

  4. Applicants must also meet all standard requirements for admission into the MATESOL degree program. 


Prospective students will complete the normal application process for international applicants as outlined on the Marlboro College website. In order to demonstrate their eligibility for the CEM fellowship, an applicant must state their relationship with CEM in their statement of intent, and one of the two required recommendation letters must be from a CEM trainer or the executive director. Marlboro College will be solely responsible for admissions decisions. The college reserves the right to refuse admission to candidates who do not meet admissions standards and to restrict the number of CEM fellowships offered in each year.

Applicants must contact the Marlboro graduate admissions office at graduateadmissions@marlboro.edu by November 30 to start the application process for the 2019 MATESOL and Mary Scholl at admin@espiralmana.org to begin the fellowship process.


CEM fellows admitted will have a generous portion of their tuition covered. Students may choose to set-up a payment plan with the student accounts office if they need to pay in smaller installments.

Each CEM fellow is responsible for paying for their own visa fees, airfare, room and board, and any other associated costs for the two two-month summer residencies.