TESOL Graduates at Work

 Our alumni work with diverse populations all over the world. If you would like to connect with an alumnus, please email graduate admissions, or call 802-451-7506.

Leo Sloss MA TESOL '14

“I was first drawn to the TESOL program at Marlboro because it was an opportunity for me to improve as a teacher,” said Leo Sloss, an English teacher at a technical college in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Leo was recently promoted to the position of training coordinator, facilitating weekly meetings and hosting a monthly training session on topics helpful to teachers.

Leo was nominated to present a paper at TESOL Arabia, in March 2014, on service learning in the ESOL classroom. The paper builds on the work he presented at the Marlboro BRIDGES conference, the culminating project for TESOL graduates, exploring how teachers can incorporate student-generated community action into their ESOL classroom.

“The masters program in TESOL has helped me to become more confident in the classroom. I felt like I had pretty good instincts in the classroom even before I enrolled at Marlboro, but the program corroborated some of my views on teaching. The faculty were knowledgeable, interesting, and engaging. The diverse range of experience from my different professors made each class exciting and fun.”

Natalia Oganesyants MA TESOL '14

“I chose the MA TESOL program at Marlboro College because the program’s philosophy and objectives are in alignment with my personal and professional goals as a life-long learner,” Natalia Oganesyants, who teaches English in Saudi Arabia. “In particular, I was interested in pursuing an academic study different from my educational background in Russia.” 

Natalia was a Fulbright fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002, and George Mason University in 2005. She worked at North-Ossetian State Pedagogical University in Vladiakavkaz, Russia, until 2009. Since then she has been an English instructor at Saudi INTERLINK language center, Al Yamamah University, Saudi Arabia.

“I am an active advocate of constructivist educational philosophy, a student-centered classroom, and technology enhanced learning. Marlboro College is a stimulating learning environment. I was able to engage in professional discussions with my colleagues and reflect on my pedagogical approaches and teaching methodology. I experienced a sense of belonging to the distinctive, international community of like-minded professionals at Marlboro. It added value to my educational institution too.”

Jamie Polzin MA TESOL '15

"The masters program in TESOL revamped and transformed my perspective on the field. I am more equipped to pursue employment in a fast-paced, globalizing world. Through Marlboro I have a refined my vision for innovation in teaching, and gained the support of a lifelong, thoughtful and supportive international community."

Jamie has been working with Community Refugee and Immigrant Services ​(CRIS), in ​Columbus, Ohio. "I love working with Bhutanese-Nepali, Somali, Afghani, and Iraqi students at CRIS, while I also teach Italian classes and tutor Somali women in academic writing on the side."

Jamie recently published an article in the TESOL International Association’s Refugee Concerns Newsletter. The article focused on the use of Somali proverbs in the English classroom as a means of making connections between Somali and American cultural values. According to Jamie, it has been  a wonderful tool for promoting integration in a way in which students do not feel they have to give up their cultural identity in order to survive in a new country. This recognition and valuing of difference is a core value of the Marlboro MA TESOL program.

Wasiem Saliem MA TESOL '14

Wasiem Saliem has taught internationally for over 20 years. Prior to joining our learning community in Brattleboro, Vermont, he worked in the UK, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. He is currently employed by Interlink Language Centres in Saudia Arabia, where he is an EFL instructor at a technical college. He is passionate about working with communities that are willing to embrace educational reform to improve the quality of their lives in a peaceful way. 

Wasiem writes, "Marlboro's [TESOL] program was the natural next step in my career development. It gave me a solid background in both academic research knowledge, and it enriched my professional experience, thus allowing me to widen my horizons in the field of education. At the heart of the program was critical self-reflection which complemented my beliefs and practices both as a professional and as an individual."