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Plans in Classics:

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  • A study of the classics with an emphasis on the works of Plato and Thucydides.
    1996: Classics

  • A study of the literature and history of classical Rome in the first century b.c., with special emphasis on the poetry of Virgil, both in the Latin language and in translation.
    1977: Classics

  • A study of classical literature, history and philosophy. SPONSOR: Andrew Bell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: John Kirby, Smith College
    1987: Classics

  • Ovid’s metamorphosis & mythology SPONSORS: Timothy Little, Andrew Bell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: John Zarker, Tufts University
    1986: Classics

  • A study of the ‘Iliad’ in order to explore the functions of the Gods in relation to the mortals. SPONSORS: Paul Elbourne, James E. Thomas OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Stephen Scully, Boston University
    1994: Classics

  • Greek civilization; Alcaeus: Poetry & Politics
    1967: Classics

  • Drama and politics in 5th C. BC Athens. SPONSORS: Mark P. Pobjoy, Jaysinh Birjepatil OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Stephen Scully, Boston University
    1990: Classics

  • The plan is in Greek and Latin literature. A comparison of the views of Aristotle and Lucretius on infinity.
    1976: Classics

  • A study of Athenian imperialism in the 5th century B.C.: an investigation into the nature of the Athenian empire from the end of the Persian Wars to the end of the Peloponnesian War.
    1976: Classics

  • Latin satire from Lucilius to Juvenal.
    1969: Classics